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An Interview with ANN MORTIFEE
by Kait Burgan

On Sunday, March 11th, Ann Mortifee will perform her fourth concert in three years –and the only one on Vancouver Island.

“You can get trapped into being a character of yourself,” she says. Ann has spent the last couple of years writing a musical, “The Mysteries”, based on an ancient Greek myth that explores complex themes of male/female power struggles, betrayal, grief, and devastation of the earth. “I like to dive deep.”

We’re about five minutes into a 30-minute conversation, and we’re well on our way to an in-depth exploration of life, love, death and joy.

Ann found love later in life. At 57 she met Paul Horn, an American jazz flautist and early pioneer of new-age music. They worked together, created together and while it was a love affair that Ann would have never predicted, it’s one that seems to transcend mortality. She frames the time they had together as happiest of her life.

“I feel so full from the richness of my time with him,” Ann says. Near the end of his life, Paul told her that the next decade would be the most powerful for her and that while he didn’t know very much, he did know for certain that she would have the best guardian angel. “I’ve taken this on. I felt so well loved, he left me so well. I feel a deep sense of contentment.”

It’s understandable, after hearing Ann explain her connection with Paul how he can, and will be with her, in spirit, on stage at Nanaimo’s Port Theatre, and anywhere else she performs.

Joining Ann (and Paul through association) is Rick Scott and Nico Rhodes, which brings a part of Ann’s life full circle. Ann and Rick are connected through Rick’s manager and partner, Valley Hennell. The ladies worked together early in their careers, in Vancouver. She describes Rick as very talented and lots of fun. She has met and played with Nico just once. “He’s a free and adventuresome talent. He leaps off the page.”

Accompanying Ann in Nanaimo is Ed Henderson on guitar, Finn Manniche on cello, and Miles Black on keyboards. The three will guide you on a musical journey that spans decades of Ann’s life; the things most fundamental in her development, “some funny, some not so funny.”

Ann Mortifee is a recipient of the Order of Canada and has received national and international distinctions and awards for her albums, concerts, musicals, scores for ballet, film, opera and TV as well as her book, In Love with the Mystery. She also facilitates arts and consciousness workshops and is a sought-after keynote speaker.

“I love the live audience. I love it,” she says. “A concert is made as much by audiences as is by me.”

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