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An Interview with PAVLO
by Kait Burgan

When Pavlo’s PBS Special, “Live in Kastoria”, a celebration of his unique blend of Greek, flamenco and Latin music, or Mediterranean music as he likes to call it, was released in 2016, he had no idea how much it would change his life. Today, his live concerts sell-out all over the world, millions of people have seen him perform, and he’s just released his 11th CD, “The Ultimate Collection”. Pavlo has a touring schedule that includes as many as 200 concerts per year, and he loves every moment of every one.

“Balance is important,” he says in a telephone interview from Mexico. He’s part way through a 70 city tour that wraps up in early summer and Nanaimo is one of those cities. “I eat and sleep the best I can and although I don’t get skinny, I workout every day.” His sense of humour shines through.

Pavlo travels with his wife and daughter, who is homeschooled so they can all be together, and when there’s a break in the touring schedule, they spend time at their home in Florida “... to be in the sun and walk the dog.”

Pavlo thrives on performing live. “I’m everything but a guitar player on a stool in the middle of the stage,” he says. Fans have described feelings of “being carried away” by his music and every concert different. He likes folk music for that reason; the appetite for impromptu programs, with a focus on the organic experience for both musicians and members of the audience.

Pavlo fondly shares a memory of meeting guitarist Brian Hughes on a flight from California to Mexico. Their conversation led directly to Brian being announced as a Special Guest at Pavlo’s show the very next day.

Pavlo is coming off the excitement of having just finished filming his second special for PBS at Teatro Degollado in Guadalajara, one of Mexico’s most prestigious theatres, with his 92 piece band. On his Facebook page, he thanks the beautiful people of Guadalajara for one of the “most magical concerts in my life.”

Born in Toronto to Greek parents, Pavlo fell in love with music at an early age. A quote from his father on his website reads: “Have the courage to do what you love.” Pavlo didn’t expect to be playing music to millions of people, and it took courage to pursue what he loves. He pursued music because of passion and never expected to be performing for a global audience. “Music was the easiest part of my life. I grew up playing in Rush tribute bands and wedding cover bands. I’ve done it all.” “I can’t wait for the Nanaimo concert,” he says. He’s performed here several times already and is no stranger to the Port Theatre stage.

“I have a special guest planned for the Nanaimo show as well,” he says. “I like to be spontaneous, and you never know who’s going to jump on stage.”

Pavlo will perform at the Port Theatre on Friday, March 16th, at 7:30 pm. He says that by the end of the performance, the audience will become part of an extended family.

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